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Le coq & fish bistro

69 Bay Road, Waverton NSW 2060


Tuesday to Friday for Dinner 5pm – 10pm
Saturday & Sunday from 12pm – 10pm 

Fully licensed, Bring Your Own on Tuesdays & Wednesdays except special days or events

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From our family to yours

It's like sitting at mums table with a healthy meal. Just wholesome, fresh, seasonal produce.


Food is our love language

My mum’s language of love is through food. Nothing makes her happier than an empty plate and a big smile of satisfaction on your face. Food is our language of love. Growing up in France we always shared an important time with the family through food. Sitting around the table eating a great homemade meal with fresh seasonal produce from my Grandfathers farm. We would share food throughout the winter months, in times of celebration and in times of hardship. Food brought us together. Being away from home has given me a deeper memory of these times. Le Cog and Fish is our home, our memories. Everything in this restaurant has significance and brings me back home each time I open the door. We are very happy to have you here to experience the food we grew up with.

Loic le Gallou & Chef Romano

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